Thomas Spiritual Growth Earrings

Thomas Spiritual Growth Earrings

The Thomas Spiritual Growth Cross was designed as an expression of our continual learning and development on our journey to truly knowing and understanding God's magnificent love.  The cross has a sweeping upward movement to symbolize our progression towards knowing our Savior better, and the flames represent our burning desire to know more of Christ's teaching.  The cross is dedicated to a very special friend, Thomas, who is a splendid example of spiritual growth.

Available in 18K Yellow Gold with White Gold Flames (or) White Gold with Yellow Gold Flames

  3/4" 18K Yellow Gold Flames   $250.00
  3/4" 18K White Gold Flames   $250.00
  1 1/8" 18K Yellow Gold Flame   $450.00
  1 1/8" 18K White Gold Flame   $450.00
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** All sizes are approximate
** This design may be available in additional products/sizes or versions. Please call for details
** All crosses are hand crafted; minor variations may occur
** Prices are subject to change
** Diamond Total Weight (.dtw) may vary slightly