Ichthus - Bracelets

Ichthus - Bracelets

As followers of Jesus Christ we have really made a commitment to be "fishers of men".  The symbol of the fish has many meanings in the Bible, such as Jesus feeding the multitudes with the few fishes and the few loaves of bread.  Jesus also wanted to make His disciples fishers of men to spread the gospel into the lives of the unsaved, and provide them with the bread of life, Jesus Christ.

18K Yellow Gold (or) White Gold (or) a combination of both.

  7" 18KSmall-Alternating Yellow and White Gold   $3,195.00
  7" 18K Small-All Yellow Gold   $3,195.00
  7" 18K Large All Yellow Gold   $3,895.00
  7" 18K Large Alternating Yellow and White Gold   $3,895.00
  7" Sterling Silver Small link   $395.00
  7" Sterling Silver Large Link   $595.00
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** All sizes are approximate
** This design may be available in additional products/sizes or versions. Please call for details
** All crosses are hand crafted; minor variations may occur
** Prices are subject to change
** Diamond Total Weight (.dtw) may vary slightly