Hallelujah Cross

Hallelujah Cross

Psalms 66:1 & 2

"Shout with joy to God, all earth.  Sing the glory of His name; make His Praise glorious."

We are so truly blessed to have the oppontunity to sing God's praises.  Our loving God gave Himself to us in the being of Jesus Christ who died and rose again for our salvation. May we always sing the praises of our loving God and Savior!  Hallelujah!

18K All Yellow Gold (or) all White Gold (or) a combination of both.

  1~1/4" 18K Yellow Gold Wings, Sterling Silver Treble Cleft   $695.00
  1~1/4" 18K Yellow Wings with Sterling Silver Treble Clef .21 dia tw   $1,295.00
  1~1/4" All Sterling Silver with .21 dia tw   $1,095.00
  1~1/4" 18K All Yellow Gold   $1,295.00
  1~1/4" 18K All White Gold   $1,295.00
  1~1/4" 18K Yellow Wings, White Treble Clef   $1,295.00
  1~1/4" 18K White Wings, Yellow Treble Clef   $1,295.00
  1~1/4" 18K White Gold w/.21 dtw.   $1,895.00
  1~1/4" 18K White Wings, Yellow Clef w/.21 dtw.   $1,895.00
  1~1/4" 18K Yellow Wings, White Clef w/.21 dtw.   $1,895.00
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** All sizes are approximate
** This design may be available in additional products/sizes or versions. Please call for details
** All crosses are hand crafted; minor variations may occur
** Prices are subject to change
** Chains are NOT included, but are available. Please call for details
** Diamond Total Weight (.dtw) may vary slightly